babolsar 280-bed hospital
Hamedan Sanandaj railway project
Shiraz Psychiatric Hospital Project
Firoozabadi 320-bed hospital
Chavosh Rah Bana Company Head Office
Judicial Complex Number 4 Shiraz
Hamedan Qahvand axis improvement operation project

Way Projects

Asadabad intersection of Khondab bridge

Asadabad road bridge Khondab was supervised by the General Directorate of Construction and Developme...

Asadabad intersection of Khondab bridge

This 10-km long project was implemented under the supervision of the General Directorate of Construc...

Hamedan's Passage

The project was carried out by the company of Chavosh-rah Bana Company, under the supervision of the...

Hamedan-Sanandaj Railway

The second part of the Hamadan-Sanandaj railway under the supervision of the General Directorate of ...
about us
Chavosh rah bana Company was founded in 1997 by a group of experts and engineers who have useful backgrounds in carrying out the projects of industrial and engineering development in Iran, in order to implement infrastructure projects in the field of road construction, construction, oil and gas transmissionlines and facilities, and Depending on the country's needs.
The company is proud to promote the development of social justice, while maintaining a good relationship   with employers and relying on the ability of the management and executive of dedicated and specialist forces, has been the source of constructive and useful impacts in implementing major projects in all field of activities, and the implementation of Dozens of designs by this country in the area Republic of Iran indicative this allegation

Building Project

Hospital 320 beds Firouzabadi

The project for completing the construction and electrical and mechanical equipment of the 320-bed h...

shiraz neurology and psychiatry 250 bed hospital

The project for the completion of the construction and installation operations of the 250 beds of ne...
21st Anniversary of the establishment of the company
Rey 320 bed hospital H-S-E AWARDS

Oil Gas Projects

Gas supply line of Zahedan city

The 24 and 30-inch feed gas project of the city of Zahedan was carried out under the supervision of ...