The Western Bypass of Hamedan

Western Bypass Of Hamadan

The project was carried out by the company of Chavosh-rah Bana Company, under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Construction and Development of the Roads Network - North-West Road Construction Section and Moshara Consultant Engineers

:Main project operations

A: Implementation of plant cultivating, plowing, regrowing, profiling of existing levels
B: Implementation of embankment, excavation, construction of the road up to 12 meters and technical building on the width of 12 meters
C: Implementation of the subfamily duct with a thickness of 15 cm, totaling 30 cm after being squeezed

D:The implementation of a double layer of broken base with a thickness of 10 cm, a total of 20 cm

E:Run asphalt in two layers of thickness of 6 cm for the cortex, totaling 12 cm and 5 cm for topcoat and completing the shoulders of the road with subsoil materials