Implementation of Various Road and Transportation Projects


Ministry of Roads and City Planning27KMHamedan's Passage1
Ministry of Roads and City Planning25KMConstruction of the second line of the main road of Hamadan in Sanandaj2
Ministry of Roads and City Planning10KM- 5non-level intersectionsConstruction of non-level intersections in Asadabad city3
Ministry of Roads and City Planning20KMConstruction of the Asad Abad Passage4
Hamedan University of Medical Sciences10.000square metersAsphalt of Besat Hospital5
Ministry of Roads and City Planning32KMOperation Operation Ascott Asbestos Topeka Asd Abad-Congare Band6
Hamedan University of Medical Sciences2KMImplementation of R1 and R1 pavement and drain line No. 17
Ministry of Roads and City Planning200KMImplementation of various rural roads in Hamadan province8
Hamedan Province Road Administration9KMTuyserkan axis asphalt to the Dowla tunnel9
Hamedan Province Road Administration13KMAsad Abad-Congawer Base and Asphalt Operations Part III10
Construction and infrastructure development company11KMOperation of second part of Hamedan-Sanandaj railway11
Kermanshah Province Road Administration6KMImplementation of asphalt pavement Sonqor-Ajin12
Kermanshah Province Road Administration7KMImplementation of old asphalt pavement of Bisotun-Sahan13
Kermanshah Province Road Administration20KMBase and Asphalt Operations km 0 to 20 axis of Asad Abad-Kangavar14