Hamedan-Sanandaj Railway

Substructure Of Hamedan-Sanandaj Railway

The second part of the Hamadan-Sanandaj railway under the supervision of the General Directorate of Construction and Development of the Railway District and Haraz Road Consulting Engineers was carried out by Chavavosh rah bana Construction Company

:Main project operations

A:Run earth operations on or off the route

B:Implementation of technical building operations including gates, walls, and protective works

C:Construction of large bridges

C:Implementation of underground two-headed stations in the range of km 250 + 66 to 350 + 67 in length of 1100 meters and Qorveh station between km 500 + 86 to +2008 + 1500 km and the station of Avengan between km 550 + 101 to 750 +102 meters long

D:Carriage and passenger platforms or corridors

E:Implementation of two building blocks and installation of signs and communications with an area of ​​250 square meters

F:Implementation of construction and pavement communications

G:Construction of 18 crossing roads or non-level intersections

H:Construction of the road and installation of road signs