Asadabad intersection of Khondab bridge

Intersections Of Asadabad's Bypass And Khondab Bridge

Primary and end intersection of Asadabad ash bridge along the Khondab River Bridge under the supervision of the General Directorate of Construction and Development of the Northwest region of the country and the consultants of the Ayouk Road company was carried out by Chavosh rah bana

:Main project operations
A :Implementation of land operations for the construction of a passage in the intersection and ramp and intersection lobes and the reduction and increase of the speed according to the cross section of the brigade and other sections of the range

B:Implementation of technical building operations including bridges-bridges-walls and protective works according to drawings

C:Construction of 7 non-level intersection bridge

(A bridge with a span of 20 meters - a bridge with a span of 25 meters -2 bridges with a span of 17.5 meters two bridges with a span of 15 meters and a bridge of two openings of 22.5

D:metersConstruction of a 15-meter-long bridge on the Khondab Riverd

E:Pathfinder operation and installation of guidance and marking signs