21st Anniversary of the establishment of the company

21st Anniversary of the establishment of the company

((In the Name Of God ))

greetings Dear friends and colleagues

It's 21 years since the start of the train

Thanks to the company engineers and staff, the company became bigger and bigger each and every day, and with the efforts of these loved ones, they passed through the hardest crashes at the most critical times

This day is a pretext that honors the honest efforts of managers, engineers and employees of the company and celebrate the momentum and continuous activity with the most advanced technology of building and developing a learning organization with knowledge, experience and efficient human resources

It is our duty to make no effort to grow the company and to take the road map and plans in pursuit of the company's goals, which is the satisfaction of the employers and partners as well as other stakeholders

Chavosh rah bana  Construction Company is proud to have employees who are honest and honest and in order to meet the company's goals, and the result of this hard work and health entry to the 21st year of the company

Board of Directors: Reza Ghodousi-Hosein Aslani

Fifteenth Shahrivar, Anniversary of the establishment of Happy